What would you do?

So I saw this post on Facebook recently and it peaked my interest.  Surprising cause the only videos I typically click on are Trump parodies, SNL clips, cute babies giggling incessantly (I think its an addiction), and the occasional makeup and hair tutorials (no expert yet, I’ll let you know when I get there).

Before I go into why I thought this video was interesting, I’d love for you to watch it first, so here you go!

Well….what did you think?  This video was posted by Anonymous who obviously has an agenda, but in general, do you think you would conform like the others in the video? Or would you act differently and keep seated?

I pride myself on being fairly outspoken.  I will speak my mind, even when my opinion is in the minority or out of left field.  It may not have served me well on EVERY occasion (I won’t lie, there’s been a few times where I wish I bit my tongue), but overall I’ve been glad to be different.  So I’d like to say that I for sure would not conform in this regard.

BUT there is a part of me that wonders.  Wonders if I truly would do that.  I would certainly question why everyone was sitting up and down at every ding, but then after perhaps asking others around me (similar to the guy in the blue shirt), I may start exhibiting the same behavior.  Not so much to socially conform, but to get called for my damn appointment!   I probably assume that in order to be called for my “eye appointment” in this case, I need to stand up and down at every ding.  At least that’s how I would rationalize it for myself.

So let me know your thoughts?  What do you think you would do?